MINBLOC® imparts essential antiblocking functionality to the wide range of high clarity packaging film without diminishing critical structural, mechanical or optical properties. While the natural tendency of adjoining layers of polyolefin film is to adhere, the optimized MINBLOC particle size distribution produces a microscopic surface roughening that delivers the desired number of peaks per unit area and height in proportion to the film thickness. Lab tests confirm that MINBLOC delivers cost effective performance that is fully equivalent to all premium natural and synthetic antiblocks.

MINBLOC particle size distributions are engineered to maximize retention in the critical 2 to 10 mm range and to minimize ultra fine particle content. Particle morphology and particle size distribution also facilitates a complete dispersion without agglomeration throughout the polymer matrix. When subjected to the high shear forces of compounding and extrusion MINBLOC maintains its physical integrity without breakdown into a sub-performing particle size distribution.


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