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With a refractive index that is nearly identical to that of clarity grade polyolefin resins, MINBLOC® operates transparently in the polymer matrix. This optical advantage is attributed to a uniquely occurring combination of refractive index and particle morphology. When enhanced by a proprietary refining technology, MINBLOC delivers antiblocking functionality with the industry's lowest haze values and excellent clarity and gloss performance.

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By the very nature of their operation, antiblocking additives introduce surface irregularities that diminish film optical properties through the light scattering effect. Lab analyses confirm that the statistical control of MINBLOC particle extremes operate synergistically to preserve the optical properties of barefoot resins; even in hazier resin types and stickier film systems. This unique optical property has allowed MINBLOC to become a standard for high clarity LDPE film and make it advantageous in a broad range of polyolefins including butene, hexene and octene LLDPE resins, high clarity metallocene catalyzed products, and a variety of co-polymer and blended resins.