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MINBLOC® containing films can enhance plant growth by transmitting more photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) to accelerate photosynthesis. Because MINBLOC's refractive index essentially matches the host plastic, visible light transmittance can measure in excess of 90%. This accelerates crop growth, increases yield and improves quality. The MINBLOC refractive index also permits loading levels in excess of the traditional 10% limit to optimize thermicity without degrading optical properties. Flow and dispersion properties make MINBLOC a natural choice for highly loaded films.

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MINBLOC can also be used to modulate indirect or diffused light in horticultural film. Highly filled thermal films can have as much as 60% haze and still promote accelerated plant growth. By comparison, MINBLOC containing films typically deliver combined direct and indirect light transmittance in excess of 90%. The advantage is uniform plant growth without the shadowing or burn defects characteristic of unfiltered, direct sun exposure.